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Attack of the Killer Desks!

   If you are like most people there is a chance you are stuck at a desk all day at your job. Research is continuing to suggest that desk is taking years of your life. A 2010 Study found men who spent 6 or more hours sitting per day, faced a 17% higher mortality rate than those who spent 3 or less hours sitting. The news is even worse for women, those who sit 6 or more hours per day face an increase in their mortality rate of 34% over women who sit less than 3 hours per day.

You may think that you make up for the increased sitting at home by being busy, but research shows the damage done by sitting may be independent of other factors. In other words no matter what you do at home, on the bike, or in the gym sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health.

So the big question becomes how to sit less at work. The obvious answer is change your desk. Standing desks have become popular in recent years, but there is a catch, standing still for long periods of time is only slightly better than sitting still for long periods of time. Your real goal is movement. That is where treadmill desks come into play. Now you can walk and work at your desk simultaneously.

Other simple tips are “office laps”. Every 20 or 30 minutes do lap around the office. Deliver a message in person, instead of through e-mail. If you need to discuss a matter with a colleague, try to have a walk-n-talk meeting on the go. Perhaps, the best way to battle sitting at the office is to “deskercise”.

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